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Document Management & Workflow

Drivve | Image,

A powerful set of feature-rich, customizable tools for easy capturing
and smart processing of documents and the information they contain

Login to Drivve | Image at your scan device and access personalized profiles, that allow for one-touch automated multilayer scan and distribution processes. Two-way communication between your sever, database and business solutions, and your scan device of choice allows you to use existing information to name, categorize and file scanned documents or add important data from manual input, barcodes or intelligent text analysis. Multiple modules help to customize Drivve | Image‘s performance to the need of your business and make sure you will find the scanned document optimized, and enriched by relevant data, filed at the exact right place within seconds.


Drivve | DM,

An award-winning, browser-based document management system delivering comprehensive
functionality and certified security through an intuitive user interface

The world is in a constant mode of acceleration, and speed is certainly no longer a luxury: it’s the path to market, to the execution of operations, to responsiveness. It affects bottom lines, market shares, and the success and well-being of the people who make up your organization. So it’s imperative to have your knowledge base at the tips of your fingers, and on tip of your tongue.

In the document management world, working faster (more efficiently) means — and this is really the crux of the matter — freeing up valuable time for other more important things, like the kinds of things that human brains are innately better at than machines, like imagination and the other professional talents that make your organization excel.

Drivve | Print,

A scalable suite of modules to help take control of your paper output while
still allowing your team to print wherever and whenever they need it

Mobility Manager is a server-based solution. With no need for print drivers, users can simply send their documents by email, by uploading them to the web, or even directly from their smartphone using the Drivve | Print smartphone app.

Once submitted, documents can either be printed directly to a specific printer or MFP, or routed onto an existing print management or cost recovery solution with all the appropriate user credentials for secure release at any connected print device.

With an increasing mobile worker population Mobility Manager is designed for virtually any organization. It is particularly appropriate for schools and Universities with large numbers of students requiring access to limited print facilities, or organizations with large number of mobile workers using mobile devices.


Drivve | Fax,

An easy-to-use cloud fax service allowing for secure, trackable faxing from any
device with internet access, or via Drivve | Image from your MFP or scanner Drivve | Fax lets you easily and conveniently send faxes anywhere in the world from any device with Internet access, including your notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Drivve | Fax provides a secure personal fax environment in which to send and manage your faxes at the click of a button.
Access the easy-to-use Drivve | Fax interface to send a fax without ever leaving the comfort of your desk. Simply log in to Drivve | Fax, enter the name and fax number of the recipient, include a subject and brief message if desired, and upload the electronic document into the Drivve | Fax service: it will be instantly transmitted to the fax machine of the recipient. And if you’re using Drivve | Image, you can fax right from any MFP control panel.